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  • ​​​The biggest human odyssey in rowing for the climate.
  • ​16,000 km in complete autonomy to cross the Caribbean Sea, the Panama Canal and the Pacific Ocean by three mixed, cross-generational crews.
  • ​To involve as many people as possible around the world in the fight to preserve the planet, biodiversity and combat climate degradation.

An Odyssey      for the climate

in 2024-2025 

​A course greater than 16 000 km

​From Fort de France to Noumea via the Panama Canal and Tahiti, 3 crews of 8 rowers will take turns to achieve the longest ocean crossing ever made by rowing on a specially designed boat with no support.

​Aware of their generation's particular responsibility with regard to global warming, the Grandpa Rowers want to act in support of the climate and invite the new generations to join in this human adventure.

"Most of us of our generation are now between 60 and 75 years old. We have known the amazing progress of the “30 glorious years”. Too often, this prosperity has come at a heavy environmental price. We must act".
Bernard Gerbeau.

Through the project and in interactions with the media at various opportunities , the crew will talk about its 3 commitments and of the urgency to act.

It is a project that will inspire and arouse in each one the desire to participate, incite greater community together involvement in support of the climate, and raise awareness among young people, especially school children.


​We believe it is crucial to act
from within the environment itself

​We support:
We are fight against the effects of:
rising sea level
pollution in oceans


​Eight months of crossing on a small boat

​Women, men, three generations from 18 to 77 years old.

​On a deck of less than 12 m2, they will have to get along, help each other and be responsible for each other despite the promiscuity. Each one will have a role to hold — the one he/she will have been trained and selected for.
It is the combination of their skills, their human qualities, their temperaments and their shared values that will guarantee their common success.
A single rule freely accepted on board, respect.
Just like in our human societies, women and men of three generations will be on board, that of the 60-77 year old rowers, that of the 35-60 year olds and that of the 18-35 year olds.
At the invitation of the Grandpa Rowers, they will embark together on this meaningful adventure.